The Aji Lemon Chilli – Everything You Need To Know

Aji Limon Chillies

What is Aji Lemon Chilli (Lemon Drop Chilli)? The Aji Lemon (aka Aji Limon, Aji Lemo, Hot Lemon, Lemon Drop Chilli) chilli is a bright yellow, conical chilli pepper originating from Peru, South America where today it remains a staple ingredient in much Peruvian cuisine. Related Product: Aji Lemon Chilli Pepper (Spicy Black Pepper) The […]

15 things all hot sauce addicts know to be true

Forget silly little discoveries like the Internet and penicillin because these are nothing in comparison to arguably one of the best things in the entire world; hot sauce. Not only do you see nothing wrong with spending a small fortune on the spicy stuff, but your nearest and dearest know that you aren’t even exaggerating when […]