Spicy Meatsac – Orange Pop Pop Killer Wings

[serves 2: just add 12 chicken wings)


Seriously upgrade your wings by marinating in our Killer Spice Mix. Once cooked douse them with Orange Pop Pop BBQ sauce containing fermented Carolina Reaper (laced with pepper extract), Orange Habanero and Trinidad Scorpion. Oh, and it’s a flaming delicious orange bbq sauce too.

Believe me, there’s enough fire in this to boil an ocean (and your guts).


x1 Meatsac marinating pouch with Killer Spice Mix
x1 Orange Pop Pop Killer BBQ Sauce
x1 Instructions card


x12 fresh chicken wings


Chuck 12 fresh chicken wings into meatsac, leave in the fridge to soak up all the flavours of the Killer Spice Mix, roast/grill until crispy and toss in the most delicious wing sauce you’ve ever tasted.


Sink 6 wings in under 5 minutes. Suck those bones dry and no milk / yoghurt / ice cream for a further 5 minutes. Got what it takes? Share your vids with us tagging us @flaminglicks with #spicymeatsac


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