Hot Sauce For Heroes

All great desperados need an accompaniment. Our sauces have been crafted to pack big, bold flavours across every heat level. 1 on the scale is a MILD left jab for beginners, 2 is a healthy HOT head-blast and 3 is out-for-the-count EXTRA HOT. Check out our range below:



Hot pepper sauces with big, bold flavours


No added bad guys
(nothing artificial)


Daring adventures
at every table

You said it

“This is a delicious sauce, you creepy creepy creeper… delicious!”

Scoville Fire

This mellow one is surprisingly addictive on egg sandwiches”

Emerald Street

“The flavour was absolutely phenomenal… I think they’re gonna become a big name”

Darth Naga

“I love heat, but not at the expense of flavour. These guys have struck the balance just right, with an aftertaste that you don’t want to drown with water.”

Tasting Britain

“It’s like a culinary sauce… very nice… it’s a real good quality sauce”

The Chilli Geeks