The Aji Lemon Chilli – Everything You Need To Know

Aji Limon Chillies

What is Aji Lemon Chilli (Lemon Drop Chilli)?

The Aji Lemon (aka Aji Limon, Aji Lemo, Hot Lemon, Lemon Drop Chilli) chilli is a bright yellow, conical chilli pepper originating from Peru, South America where today it remains a staple ingredient in much Peruvian cuisine.

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The plant itself can grow up to around 100cm in maturity and it’s peppers measure between 15,000-30,000 SHU (that’s about the same as a slap in the face on a cold day).

So what of these little chaps and what can be done with them?

The citrusy notes are key to their personality as the name suggests, Aji Lemon Drop Chillies are best paired with similar bright, acidic flavours such as vinegar, coriander, garlic on white meats, fish or alternatively add that crisp finishing note to make a blinding curry sauce.

freshly cooked aji limo lemon drop chilil curry chicken

It’s worth bearing in mind that overcooking will lose some of their flavours so keep cooking to a minimum (avoiding medium-rare chicken of course) and when adding to more robust dishes, put them in at the last minute.

Best Aji Lemon Drop Chilli Pepper Recipe

Not so adventurous in the kitchen? Ground or powdered you can stir these guys into your soup, sprinkle them on your pizza, chips, they really are incredibly versatile.

And for the real connoisseurs, check out this recipe for Aji Lemon Drop Hot Sauce. It’s super simple, only takes about 10 minutes, is versatile as hell, and really makes the most of the lemon chilli flavour.

fresh delicious lemon drop homemade hot sauce

So there you have it. The Aji Lemon Drop Chilli in all it’s glory. Onwards to awesome, spicy, citrusy creations.

What’s your favourite lemon drop chilli recipe?

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