5 Hot Sauce Hacks You Need to Try Right Now

The 5 ultimate hot sauce hacks. Because you’re not eating enough already… No, you’re not…. I don’t want to hear it…

1. Chilli Chocolate Fondue

Chilli Chocolate Fondue

Add a heap of Hot Sauce to some cream and melted chocolate then brace yourself…


2. Butter Chilli Popcorn

Img Src: seasaltwithfood.com
Via seasaltwithfood.com

Melt Hot Sauce with Butter and pour over Popcorn to achieve lifetime dissatisfaction with any other popcorn.


3. Chipotle Mayonaise

Via jasonandshawnda.com
Via jasonandshawnda.com

Spoon some Chipotle sauce into full fat mayo to turn any normal food into food erotica.


4. Spicy Caramelised Onions

via eatblogsleep.com
via eatblogsleep.com

Drop a dram of your finest into some freshly caramelised onions and top your hamburger. Warning – you may be moved to tears.


5. Chilli Beans

via efoodmart.ng

Stir Hot Sauce into a tin of beans to create insta-lunch.

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