8 British Hot Sauces That Make Us Proud

British Hot Sauces

Britain’s got serious Hot Sauce talent and we’ve been getting overlooked before now in favour of our American compadres. That’s all starting to change and here’s a round up of some of the great small batch British Hot Sauces that are making us proud to be British!

1. Voodoo Mango – Angus & Oink

Angus & Oink Voodoo Mango West Indian Pepper Sauce

Brewed in the dizzy heights of Aberdeen, this creamy mango based sauce really is unique with a turmeric, mustard base and packing a deceptive kick. It’s recommended we smother it all over ‘dirty grilled meat’ which is something else Angus & Oink specialise in.

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2. Roasted Garlic Ghost – Psycho Juice

Psycho Juice Roaster Garlic Ghost

Not for the feint hearted, this sauce owes it’s explosive, natural heat to the mighty ghost pepper. A luscious, full bodied flavour with a mule kick to bring a grown man to tears.

3. Hot African Pepper Sauce – Bim’s Kitchen

Bims Kitchen Hot African Pepper Sauce

With ingredients such as alligator pepper, cubeb and hibiscus this guy really brings the finer flavours of Africa into the mix. Bim’s Kitchen, based in North Wales draw influence from Bim’s childhood upbringing in Africa and the traditional flavours that don’t usually make it to our shores.

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4. HOT – #1 Sauce

Number 1 Hot Sauce

Born in Mexico, Made in the Sierra Nevada (Spain) #1 Sauce has a great story behind it and is set to rival Tabasco for the top spot of tabletop staple. This sauce isn’t made in GB but it is made by a very passionate British gent called Arlo.

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5. Maverick – Grim Reaper Foods

Grim Reaper Foods Maverick

This is a feisty habanero number with one hell of a tingle. The original ‘Maverick’ sauce is great and they also produce limited edition halloween versions with Chocolate Hab, Orange Hab and a Fruit Burst.

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6. Smoke Potion – Magnus Opus

The Chilli Alchemist Smoke Potion

Who can argue with a sauce that contains honey bourbon whiskey?! A mighty kick follows the sweet and subtle woody notes of this magnificent sauce.

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7. Screaming Pepper – Sidekick

Sidekick - Screaming Pepper Extra Hot Sauce

A slightly more unusual, creamy sauce which doesn’t lack bite when the Carolina Reaper (hottest chilli in the world) presents itself! The full and sharp flavour of a buffalo sauce in a much smoother consistency.

8. Mother’s Ruin – Mushemi Fire

Mushemi Fire - Mother's Ruin

Continuing the theme of alcoholic hot sauce this beauty contains Gin! This may sound crazy but the juniper flavours really add a unique zing!

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